Ep. 102 - Being an Artistpreneur - Ray Geier of sQuishiepuss

On this episode we sit down with Ray Geier of sQuishiepuss. Ray found himself homeless, living out of a car and showering at his mundane day job when he decided to create art. What would be his signature character? Why not his French Bulldog mixed with a Octopus. 

In a short amount of time, Ray has gained exposure all around Atlanta. His artwork can be seen on several murals, restaurants and other local businesses in town, and in some of the most popular prime time TV shows. He has figured out how to mix social media marketing with real life interaction, and keeps his pink bulldog relevant and fresh through a laser focus on relationships. 


Find Ray Geier:

www.squishiepuss.com / @sQuishiepussfacebook.com/sQuishiepuss/ 

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